We are all victims of COVID-19

10 months ago 334

When I say we are all victims of COVID-19, some of you may start to think I’m bantering or that I’m not making any sense, but it’s not just those that have tested positive to the virus, those that have died as a result of the virus, or those that are currently in isolation centres that can be said to be victims of the virus, we all have experienced the effect of the virus one way or the other.  Each and every sector of our daily and weekly activity have been affected

Religion: There are no longer religious gatherings,  churches, mosques and other religious meeting places have been suspended for now, and that means that our usual habit of going to places of worship has been put on hold for now

Education: Schools and citadels of learning weren’t left out as these were also temporarily shut down, all students and teachers have been forced to sit at home, and that also implies that normal habits of going to institutions of learning to acquire knowledge has also been put on hold for now.

Businesses: Places of work, and business places have also been affected, as they no longer run as before, some places have all business ventures shut down completely, while some have them running with limited activities.

Social life: Daily relations with friends and family members have also been affected as there is limited movement, so people that we see frequently before aren’t available to us again, places we go for fun aren’t running as usual.

Looking at the points above, we all can agree that our lives have one way or the other been affected by the effect of the virus, so let us all join minds and will together and pray and fight our way out of this virus. Hopefully, in the nearest possible future, we can all go back to our daily activities as usual.