Neymar at risk of facing court for homophobia case

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The Brazilian footballer is at danger of being taken to court for case of homophobia after his comment about calling his mother’s boyfriend “an anti-gay slur” was leaked to the media. The case is still under consideration by the Sao Paulo prosecutor’s office, after the complaint for filed to them, they are deliberating whether to open a case against the football star or not. The complaint was filed by gay right activist Agripino Magalhaes, who said on Instagram that he was planning to press charges against Neymar and his friends for “criminal homophobia, hate speech and death threats’ over comments made in a private conversation on a gaming site. 

Neymar was heard using slurs against his mother’s new boyfriend, Tiago Ramos, on the audio conversation, as he and his friends were discussing a fight between the couple. Neymar’s mother, Nadine Goncalves, 52, and Tiago Ramos, 22, made their relationship public in April. Neymar and his friends were discussing rumors that the couple had had a violent fight, after Ramos was hospitalized last Tuesday with arm wounds sustained at Neymar’s Mother’s house, according to police.

Neymar was heard accusing his mother of lying about the cause of her boyfriend’s injury, one of Neymar’s  friends was heard saying that they should assault Tiago with a broomstick in the anus.

Neymar’s communications team however, said that Ramos and Goncalves had testified before police that the incident was a “domestic accident”.