How to change your browsing location without VPN

8 months ago 345

There are lots of situations we find ourselves on the internet that we may need to mask our location or change it entirely, and the most subtle way of doing that is with the use of a VPN(Virtual Private Network), but what if one doesn’t have access to a VPN or you don’t have money to purchase a VPN plan, is there an alternative to VPN?….., well there is, even though it’s not as reliable as a VPN, it is capable of doing the trick on some basic sites….., the idea is changing your phone’s IP address to that of another location, so as to trick the site into believing that you are browsing from that location.
It’s quite a straight forward process
Here are the steps to follow: 

1.    Get a list of IP addresses and ports of the location(country) you want to use, I recommend or 
2.    Choose an IP address and port of your choice(Make sure you use the port that goes with the IP address you’re choosing)
3.    Go to your phone settings<Network<Mobile Network< Access point names.
4.   Click on your current access point setting and check if the proxy setting is editable, if it’s not copy the Name and APN and go back and create a new access point(this one should have an editable proxy and port)
5.    When you have an editable proxy and port, input the proxy and port of the country you want to use and save it.
Set that particular APN as the default APN for browsing.

Boom……, you’re good to go.