How to be the life of the party

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A person who attracts the most attention in a social gathering is known as the “Life of the party”, that is a position any rational human being will love to find himself/herself in, some people have tried so hard to be the life of the party that sometimes they even end up disgracing themselves. Now I’m not writing this because I’m a typical life of the party kind of person, or because I have mastered the act of being the life of the party, NO, I’m simply writing attributes that I’ve observed are characteristic of those that are termed “life of the party”

If you want to be regarded as the life of the party in any social gathering, here are some things you should consider

1. Be jovial: 

In order to make people notice you, you have to be a kind of person that is fun to be around, an amusing person, a person that is very good at making jokes, that kind of behavior is very much enough to lighten and liven up a dull atmosphere, and obviously attract attention

Be generous: 

Another effective way to attract attention is to be liberal with funds, if you step into a social gathering and start buying drinks for people, or start spraying money, in no time, you’ll have people flocking around you, wanting to have a share of your generosity.

3.  Be fashionable:

Another way of drawing attraction to yourself is by your outfit, when you walk into an event with an outfit that is glaringly fashionable and very flashy, you’re sure to have multiple heads looking towards your direction and if you play your cards well at this point, you’re sure to become an obvious center of attraction.

4.  Be popular:

Although this attribute is not really expedient, it is very helpful, it is easier for you to attract attention in a place where you are known already, so if possible try to go to gatherings where some people there know you already, as that will increase your chances of being the life of that party.

5.  Stay in a conspicuous place:

Your position also matters if you want to be considered the life of the party, you can’t stay in a hidden place and hope to attract attention, you’ll have to go to a place that is very conspicuous, so all your actions will be well noticed.

Finally, you shouldn’t overdo any of the above, try as much as possible to apply moderation when applying them, so you won’t end up disgracing yourself instead.