Fiction: Why I don't fancy motivational speakers

10 months ago 422

One fateful day, I was in a bus going to CMS, so motivational speaker just stood up and started giving all these motivational quotes sha, I just inserted my earphones into my ear cos I wasn't really interested but as I saw the enthusiasm he was using to speak I decided to remove my earphones and listen to what he was saying

It seems he was already rounding up then, but I picked one phrase from what he was saying

"Nobody can hurt you without your permission"

It kept ringing in my ears, I even wrote it down so I won't forget it

Three days later sha, my dad sent me to pay for our NEPA bill and he gave me #9,000, so I went there na, as I wanted to give them the money, I didn't see anything in my pocket, I emptied my pocket, still nothing... At that point I knew I was done for, I started retracing my steps hoping I would see the money on the floor, but as usual I didn't see anything, I went back and forth like 20 times, I didn't even see 10 naira, so I decided to go home sha and announce the awesome news to my lovely family. As I just entered the house my dad noticed my countenance and asked me whether I have paid the NEPA bill he told me to pay for, I sadly relayed the bad news to him, my dad just started shouting that if I don't find that money that he will beat me, he will maim me, he will injure me and that I will regret myself. I didn't know when I just blurted out "you can't hurt me without my permission"

Brothers and sisters, that was the last thing I remembered, the next time I opened my eyes, I was on a bed, with numerous drips hanging out of my body and I was seeing  white everywhere

I heard the doctor saying  " it was just a few broken bones, he'll be fine"