Fiction: My first time attending a strip club

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Good day friends, my name is Michael Andrews, I was brought up in a strict Christian home, my father Josiah Andrews was a pastor at a renowned branch of a popular church, and my mum was a well-respected deaconess in the church. I and my 2 sisters were strictly brought up in the way of the Lord, we weren’t allowed to go clubbing or partying, most of our leisure time was spent studying the word of God, or engaging in one Christian activity or the other. We were taken to very strict Christian primary and secondary schools, as I grew up, I started getting bored with the over religious lifestyle, when I got my first mobile phone and started surfing the internet, I started seeing the fun stuff I was missing online, I started imagining how it would feel like to have a taste of that kind of life, how it would feel like to go partying or how it would feel like to have a girlfriend and do all the fun stuff teenagers do in relationships, but all those fantasies didn’t cross the walls of my imaginations, because my dad was very talented in using the koboko, just one stroke of that tool discipline from tat man’s hand on your body, you’ll dance in ways you never would have imagined, so I didn’t want to put myself in a position that would be compromising or require me to have a feel of his disciplinary action.

As time went by, I rounded off my secondary school education, wrote my WAEC, NECO and Jamb, I registered UNILAG as my choice of institution, when my results came out, I passed in flying colors and even scored higher than the cut off mark needed for my course, when time for post JAMB reached, I wrote the exam and the result came out good. September found me preparing to resume school, as my admission was confirmed late August, so I gathered all that I thought I would need and I resumed school, within 3 weeks of attending lectures and school activities, I had made three friends, one of them was my roommate, they always teased me of being timid and unexperienced regarding fun activities, I couldn’t argue with them, because I knew they were saying the truth, so they started introducing me to wild life gradually, they first started with alcohol, then cigarettes, then girls. One day, one of my friends who goes by the name of Williams, announced that we were going to a strip club the coming Friday, I asked them what a strip club was, they just laughed and told me that I’ll find out on Friday.

As usual I was excited to try out something new, when Friday came, we dressed up and we went on our way. When we got to a colorfully lighted building at one corner, they announced that we had arrived, they went in and I sheepishly followed them, the Bouncer at the entrance asked me for a tip and I gave them #1000 and they were hailing me, I just smiled and headed inside, the first thing that hit me as my I put my head in, was the strong smell of alcohol, I also noticed that the place was dimly lighted, so it took a while for my sight to adjust, when it finally did, what I saw made me want to scream out in excitement, I beheld scantily dressed ladies, holding a pole and dancing seductively, and men were cheering and spraying money on them, I moving around, trying to find my friends, when one of the naked ladies grabbed me, and started touching me seductively, at that point, my spirit left my body, I was in another realm of ecstasy, she was a master seductress, at the point I was enjoying it most, she just pulled away and continue dancing on her pole, after some minutes of searching around the club, I finally found my friends and we started going back to school, when they asked me if I enjoyed it, I relayed my awesome experience to them, when I finished, they started laughing at me and asked me if I was stupid that how will I allow them to be touching me, that I should check my pocket, as I dipped my hands into my pocket, it was like the earth was in Genesis chapter 1 verse 2, my pocket was without form and void, the #10,000 in my pocket was completely gone.....

As I slept that day

I made the resolution that a strip club would never see my brakelight again