Crazy Ideas you wish to tell your girlfriend but didn’t

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When in a relationship with a girl, especially one that is not the crazy kind, there are some ideas that may pop up in your head that you really feel like you should suggest to her but you didn’t, because you’re uncertain as to how she will respond, it may be a suggestion of what you should do together, an opinion about another girl, or even something about other people’s relationship that you will like to imitate. The main idea behind this post is to help you relay these ideas to her without you actually having to say it by yourself

I’m going to try to list some of those ideas below

1.  Telling her you miss being intimate with her: 

Sometimes in relationships, when you’ve stayed a long time without doing anything intimate with your partner, say hugging, kissing, cuddling, romancing, or even sleeping with her. You want to let her know that you miss doing these things, but you don’t want to be misunderstood, you don’t want her to think that that’s the only reason you’re in a relationship with her, or that you prefer those things over just hanging out with her or talking.

2.  Telling her she’s being too cold towards you:

 When your girlfriend is being too formal when you’re walking together, like not allowing you to put your arms around her neck, not letting you hold her hands, or not allowing you to put your hands on her waist and you’re feeling uncomfortable about it, but you don’t know how to make it known to her, because you don’t know how she is going to react to it.

3.  Telling her she’s being too secretive about your relationship: 

Some girls have the habit of keeping their partners hidden, and as a guy, it can be frustrating when you’re always posting your girlfriend, but she rarely even posts you or commenting on your posts, she finds it difficult to tell others that she’s in a relationship and you are just there wondering how to make it known to her, without her thinking you’re insecure or being over possessive.

4.   Commenting on another girl’s physique

Guys like to admire and compliment on an attractive girl when they see one, but imagine walking with your girlfriend and start looking back at a girl that just walked by, or telling her how curvy or how beautiful the girl that just passed is, I bet you that won’t end well most times.

5.  Commenting on sensitive parts of her body

There may be times in your relationship when you want to comment on some sensual parts of your girl’s body, like telling her that she has a nice backside, or that she has nice breasts, but you have a rethink because you don’t want her to harbor the notion that you’re only after her for her body or something like that.

6.  Suggesting a new sex position to her

If you’re in a relationship that involves sex, and you are feeling bored over repeating one position over and over again, and you have ideas about some new positions that you think you should try out with her, but you are skeptical about telling her because you don’t want her to feel like you’re using her as a sexual experiment or sex tool.

This ideas amongst others are some Ideas that may have come to your mind to tell your girlfriend, but you probably didn’t.

If you still have more suggestions, feel free to comment below.